Invisible Bead Extensions ®

Invisible Bead Extensions ® are the most requested and the most original hair extension method now available in the industry. IBE® is luxurious, customizable, comfortable and the most natural looking extensions.

IBE® was created to solve 3 major problems encountered with the different types of extensions available. First, damage to the scalp and hair from tension and over-direction. Second, discomfort due to contact of beads on the scalp. And third, lack of versatility and styling options. IBE® creates NO tension on the scalp. There are NO exposed beads and NO adhesives. There are NO sticky tapes, and NO scalp irritation. They give you the ability to wear your hair up in your highest pony/topknot with no discomfort and no damage to your natural hair! Say goodbye to being able to tell that you have extensions, IBE® is virtually undetectable!

With IBE®, there is no contact between the beads and your scalp, making them comfortable to wear. Wefts of hair are stitched into a beaded foundation, which evenly distributes the weight of the weft through your hair. This method allows for a tangle free, healthy grow out!  Want to add length and/or simply add more volume?  Need help growing out hair that is too short or damaged? Add some pops of color that your natural hair wouldn’t be able to handle? IBE® can help your hair dreams come true!

Not only is the Invisible Bead Extensions® method superior to other methods, using the highest quality hair is essential. For that reason, IBE® developed and launched its own Luxury hand-tied hair line “Kitsune” and partnered with “Everything Hand Tied” to give their stylists access to the best of the best.

The IBE® difference

IBE® offers the most intensive, informative, and detailed education program available.  As an IBE® Artist, we earn a real certification in the original Invisible Bead method that has revolutionized the extension industry – there’s no “getting certified” just for showing up.

When a stylist is accepted into the program, they begin their one-on-one mentorship with a hand selected IBE® Master Mentor. IBE® certification is not automatic and isn’t finished in a few hours or a day like other methods. IBE® takes up to TWO MONTHS to get through. Stylists have to test out of every single module along the way.  As a result, stylists are more than ready once their certification is complete.

Joi Salon is proud to say that we have the ONLY two stylists located in Boston that are IBE® certified.  Briana and Amanda are both senior stylists with an eye for detail and are always staying updated on the newest methods and trends – and they have the loyal client following to show for it!  If you are interested in learning more about IBE®, please call the salon or use our online booking to schedule a consultation.  The hair of your dreams awaits!