2022 Hair Trends

2022 Hair Trends

Now that things are FINALLY starting to ease up and the weather is slowly but surely getting nicer – what better way to kick things off than some 2022 hair trends! Read below to see what the hottest hair trends are right now:



 Buns are the MVP of hair trends, they’re practical, easy, and can be sophisticated or casual depending on what you’re feeling. We’ve been seeing a major resurgence of bun styles from the late 90’s – early 2000’s: think spikey bun with those face framing pieces, or the “Pam Anderson bun” with soft tousled bun and a bang with loose tendrils.













Shorter angles around the face with longer layers throughout the back. Your stylist will take your face shape into consideration when cutting face framing angles. When styled it looks bouncy and healthy, even if you let it airdry. That leads into our next trend, bouncy blowouts.







 Of course beachy waves are still very much in, but the tried and true bouncy blowout is coming back big time to bring out your inner super model. Perfect for medium to thick hair, especially if you have a natural wave or curl to your hair – naturally stick straight gals may need an extra boost from a curling iron after.







Millennials rejoice! Jaw clips are back baby! These old school clips that you’d sport down the runway, I mean school hallways, are back in a big way. They pack a punch to your style in an easy way, are very user friendly and a great solution to spruce up second or third day hair. We love the selection Kitsch carries, check them out!






Super bold colors are starting to take a back seat and going closer to your natural roots is in the drivers seat, hop in! It’s universally flattering and super low maintenance. Trends like “expensive brunette” or “cashmere blonde” focus on adding shine, depth and dimension – adding balance to your natural color. Your stylist will determine which tone best suits your complexion and eye color.



Well there you have it, that rounds up the hottest hair trends! This season proves that old trends do in fact come back around. Which trend are you most excited about?? Talk to your stylist when you visit Joi Salon about which trend you should try!

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