2021 Spring Color Trends

It goes without saying, 2020 was QUITE the year. Thankfully, brighter days are ahead (literally) and the world is starting to inch towards a new normal. Now that more people are starting to venture out with friends & family (or making plans to), there’s no better time to start thinking about what you’re doing for your next color appointment! Whether it be a big change to emerge out of the past year, a lower maintenance look, or a fresh spin on what you were used to already doing – we’re here to make your hair goals come true! 


Let’s take a look at some of the most popular color trends for Spring 2021 that you are going to be seeing a lot of:


“Rooty” Dimensional Color 

Balayage has been going strong for a long time now and rightfully so – it has the ability to give your a more natural sunkissed look, more dimension, and most importantly less upkeep than a traditional highlighted look. The past year proved to those who were already loyal balayage clients and showed those who were not, that you can go months and your balayage will still look great. 

Incorporating more of your natural color into your root area will provide a more natural, softer grow out that is less maintenance. Is having visible roots by the 4 week mark from your traditional highlights driving you crazy? How does going months in between balayage appointments with only having to pop back into the salon for a quick gloss in 8 weeks sound? Pretty good right?! Talk to your stylist about how to go about making your color lower maintenance.




Rich Shiny Brunettes

For those brunettes who are afraid to color their hair, try a deep brunette gloss! They add tons of shine and richness to the hair, but are commitment free. Glosses fade gradually over time with each wash, eliminating a harsh line of demarcation like you would get with a permanent color. Glosses typically last anywhere from 6-8 weeks when using color safe shampoo & conditioner that your stylist recommended – making it the perfect way to dip your toe into coloring your hair. Ask your stylist about getting a gloss to add some life to those lackluster locks!



Money Pieces

Money pieces aka faceframing highlights, can add a little pop to your look while still being low maintenance. Faceframing highlights do exactly what it says, frames your face. You can go subtle or more bold, up to the root or starting at the eye/cheek bone – either way it is guaranteed to give you a fresh new look without having to change your all over color!



Golden, Peach & Copper Tones

Warmer tones have FINALLY been receiving the praise they’ve rightfully deserved for a bit now. Don’t get us wrong, we still love cool tones when the situation is right – but there is just something about a warm, light reflecting tone that leaves us speechless! Some people fear the word WARM because they confuse it with BRASSY. We’re here to tell you, WARMTH IS YOUR FRIEND NOT FOE!  It’s a fact, warmer tones reflect light better than cool tones – making them appear shinier and more healthy. When your hair appears shinier and more healthy, your skin and overall appearance is more glowy and healthy. Looking like a glowy goddess sounds pretty good, right? 




This rounds up the upcoming Spring 2021 color trends! Talk to your stylist about any of these looks and how to incorporate them into updating your look at your next appointment!

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